Used Car Emporium

Cheapo Pete's lot

666 Lucifonia Drive
Gukrisciberg, Saskatchewan 131313

"Cheapo Pete's: Great Cars, Great Deals, No Refunds!"

Here at Cheapo Pete's, we offer high-quality, pre-owned automobiles at super-low prices. And all of our cars are guaranteed in some sense.

Good credit? Bad Credit? No Credit? It doesn't matter. At Cheapo Pete's, we provide dirt-cheap financing to any and all, so come on down! Drive away today for just $9.99 a month!

Here are some unsolicited testimonials from our most satisfied customers:

"What he doesn't tell you is that it's $9.99 a month for the rest of your life."

"Even when it does start, I can't drive it; the interior is permeated with the putrid smell of dog s..."

"This is one of the worst cars I have ever owned. The seats are shredded and covered with beer stains, but that doesn't matter because it doesn't start anyway."

Here is a sample of some of our high-quality vehicles:

Religious fanatic's car with taped-up bumper Crushed van
Disintegrating motor scooter Rusted-out wreck
Sedan with smashed front Row of shopping carts

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Posted 6/8/2013
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